Friday, November 29, 2013

SH 5101 - Industrial Toxicology

Another tough paper, closed book with no help sheet of any kind allowed in the exam hall. If you have a photographic memory and able to digest 300 pages worth of information, you win. Overall, quite satisfied with the term test and the project work, which constitute 50% of the module. For the final paper, paper structure is about the same as mid term test - 70% MCQ with 30% structured questions. Quite confident that I will get 20 out of 30 for the structured questions, but for the MCQ, hmm, can't really be sure. Well, lets see how the rest of the cohort performs.
Expectation: B+ (Actual: B+)


Luke76 said...

hi can i check with you regarding this module.i would like to enrol in this course.would like to know how hard it is .and any details you can share.thanks.

Azure1984 said...

Hi Luke, well I took the module like 6 years ago. Can't really remember much but you need to know a bit of biology as you will be studying how toxins interact with our human body. Well, no matter how tough it is, not to worry, believe in the power of NUS moderation. Try to score for the project work though.