Friday, December 26, 2014

Norway Day 4 - Aurora Borealis (2nd Night) + Exploring Tromsø

18 Nov - We were not so lucky during the second night of light chasing. Firstly, there was a storm front coming in from the coast and the sky was getting cloudy, and secondly, it was forecast that the whole Scandinavian countries will be raining. Nevertheless, we hope for the best and boarded the bus for our second night of chasing lights.

We were lucky after all. The lights put on a good show quite early in the night

And it died down as the cloud starts rolling in 

We had the remaining of the day free and decided to explore the city after we get some sleep when we arrived back to the hotel at 2am in the morning. With no time to be wasted, we hit the road some 6 hours later to cover as much of the city as possible.

Tromsø folkebibliotek - Their public library

Perspektivet Museum

The Arctic Cathedral
Panoramic view from the cathedral side

Fjellheis Cable Car Station

Too bad it was raining or else we will be playing snow at the top of the hill

To escape the cold, we spend most of our time in this cozy fireplace in the Fjellstua café at the top of the cable car station

And a nice pick rose dedicated to *mds*

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