Monday, August 10, 2015

Italy Day 4 - Pisa

11 Jun - The leaning tower of Pisa, known worldwide for its leaning tower, is another "must go" destination on our Italy travel list. We took a train early in the morning from Florence and arrived at the hot and sunny Pisa around 10am. Wasting no time, we went on to start taking photos and retrieve our tickets for the climb up the tower of Pisa.

 Piazza dei Miracoli - another UNESCO World Heritage Site

The leaning tower of Pisa 

View of the city of Pisa from the top of tower 

As time is short, we could not stay long at Pisa and have to depart the city after we had our lunch. Our next train brought us to our final destination of our Europe holiday trip - Venice.

Venice with its canal and the setting sun 

Rialto Bridge

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