Monday, January 25, 2016

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Went to a routine visit last month to have my annual scaling and polishing of teeth and was advised by the dentist that my wisdom tooth is growing inwards and I should consider removing it. So after considering for a month, I decided to go ahead with the removal procedure. Initially, I only planned on 1 tooth removal, however, after seeing my teeth x-ray, I changed my mind. As you can guess, my lower wisdom teeth looks like this:

So without a doubt, I have to under go a simple surgery to have it removed. Luckily, this can be covered by Medisave, so I do not need to fork out the $1000 procedure. Had a lifetime of an operation as the dentist drilled my teeth for close to 45 mins, breaking my teeth into... erm... several pieces. Luckily, he gave me enough anesthesia to not feel the pain. Well, this is only part 1... next year...will have to undergo part 2. Haiz...Really, the drilling noise is pretty irritating and the smell of calcium burning by the drill......

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