Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Taiwan Day 4 - Shifen

18 Nov - We left our hotel early in the morning, took a short 15 mins walk to 基隆火车站 to catch a train to 十分 via 八堵. We reached our destination around 0945 after a 55 mins ride. As the local shops typically open around 11am, there are not much tourists in the vicinity and we took this opportunity to take some photos of the train station and the tracks.  



After we are done taking photos, we decided to check into our 民宿 located just right beside the train station. Unfortunately, the owner is out buying grocery and the place is closed! With nowhere else to go at the moment, we waited for a good half hour before finally managed to deposit our luggage at the counter.


After we are rid of our bulky luggage, it is walking and touring time! We took our time to enjoy a good lunch at one of the local stall, trying out their specialty noodle and seeing tourists releasing 天灯. We slowly make our way to the town outskirt to visit the little Niagara of Taipei - Shifen Waterfall.




By the time we came back from the waterfall nature park, night has already descended. We spent some time looking at the tourists releasing 天灯, which offers a better view due to the lighted lantern against the dark sky.

Some of the daring tourist managed to release a low level firework on the suspension bridge!

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