Saturday, December 10, 2016

Taiwan Day 7 - Liyu Lake, Rareseed Ranch, Shi Ti Ping, San Xian Tai

21 Nov - Weather forecast for today was not favorable for sightseeing as the whole of east coast will be drenched with drizzle due to the weather system. As we have already booked our driver for the next 2 days, guess we will have to make do with what we have. There will be 4 destination for today, which are Liyu Lake, Rareseed Ranch, Shi Ti Ping and San Xian Tai (Chinese translation below the photos).

First stop, the beautiful 鯉魚潭

Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭) is the largest lake in eastern Taiwan. There are various activities you can enjoy in this area, such as a light-boat sailing on the lake or a bicycle tour encircling around the lake. You can also stroll along the lake shore walkway, appreciating the flora and fauna. The Liyu Lake Visitor Center is located at the north shore of the lake, exhibiting many educational materials related to Liyu Lake and East Rift Valley.


Second stop - 瑞惠农场

Rareseed Ranch is a working dairy farm with a good place to snap some pictures with the black-and-white cows as main attractions, as well as a pair of ostriches that share the grassland with their bovine sisters. The farm also churns out various milk-based goodies such as ice cream, cheesecake, and bread, all of which are available at the ranch cafe – along with good old-fashioned milk.

The signature black-and-white cows!

Our third stop will be 石梯坪. 石梯坪 is a huge area of coastal terraces. Its landscapes include the developed sea terrain, wave-cut platforms, uplifted coral reefs, sea trenches and cliffs. The unique feature of this attraction is their wave cut platform which looks like steps, hence the name 石梯.

石梯坪 (A pity the photo cannot bring out the 3D effect of the step like structure on the rocks)

For our last stop, we will be visiting 三仙台. 三仙台 is a geological rock that turned out to be a headland. Gradual erosion cut the neck that connected the mainland to the main island, and thus became offshore islands. Tourists who used to visit this place could only reach the island during low tide. In 1987, the government completed the eight cross-sea arch bridge that crosses over to the island. It was designed in the shape of waves, like a prostrate sea dragon and connects 三仙台with Taiwan Island.


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