Sunday, March 04, 2018

Japan Day 4 - Hiroshima

22 Feb - Having finished with our agenda in Osaka, we checked out of our Air BnB accommodation at 11am and began our journey back to Hiroshima via Shinkansen.

Relatively empty station at Osaka

Finally arrived at our Ark Hotel 5 hours later

With 1+ hours left before the sun sets, we decided to visit the iconic A-bomb Dome to take some photos of it to free up some of our itinerary for tomorrow. Some interesting facts about Hiroshima is that most of the city is connected by trams instead of the usual bus.

A typical tram station

Hiroshima A-bomb Dome

Beautiful sunset by the Ota River

View of the dome from the other side

Departing shot with the sun setting in the background - Hope we will not be witnessing the horror of nuclear weapon ever again

On our way back, we chanced upon the Hiroshima Pokemon center and off we to visit it for photo taking session again. 

Red Gyarados with Pikachu

Ended the day walking back to our hotel and finding dinner along the way

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