Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Laplace's Witch

Synopsis: When a series of inexplicable deaths by hydrogen sulphide poisoning occurs, a university geochemistry professor Shusuke Aoe (Sho Sakurai) is engaged to consult on the cases. During his course of investigation, he meets a strange girl Madoka Uhara (Suzu Hirose) with extraordinary abilities, who is searching for a missing friend. Calling herself "Laplace's Witch", she will bring new clues to the table that will change Aoe's beliefs forever... [Source: Golden Village]

On the surface, by the movie title alone, it may look like a fantasy movie, but truthfully, it is more scientific than what you think. What can happen if you are able to calculate the end result just by knowing the irreversible conditions and motions that are already set in place, to the point that you seem to be able to foretell the future? The answer is the sky is your limits. Journey with the plot as the geochemistry professor tries to solve a murder case by using scientific principles and you may be amazed by the results. Sometimes.... that 0.01% possibility can happen. Not a bad movie to catch.

Rate: 6.5/10

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