Friday, October 26, 2018

Vietnam Day 4 - Ha Long Bay

22 Oct - Coming to Hanoi cannot go without visiting Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site also known as "Land of the Descending Dragon". In terms of geology, the place is truly a beauty, going through a series of tectonic shifts to form the current limestone formation. Be prepared to be amazed by the thousands of isles jutting out from the sea in various form of shapes and sizes. We took a 6 hours cruise to explore this unique feature of Vietnam.

Part of the tour package include a short duration of kayaking or ride on a Bamboo Boat rowed by the local people. For us, we took the Bamboo Boat option to chill out. The trip will take us under one of the rock formation before coming out on other side to enjoy the serene scenery.

Along one of our pit stop for swimming, we saw this super big jellyfish floating in the water near our boat. I wonder if this jelly is dangerous....

We also drop by one of the fishing floating village rearing Garupa for sale. The fish are sure hungry as they snapped up every single thing we threw into the water.

Ended the day with a sunset ride back to the port, with the last 2 hour of the journey drenching us with rain. A good trip nonetheless.

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