Sunday, October 09, 2022

Fun @ Singapore Zoo

Time flies! The last time *OEE* is at the zoo, it was 19 months ago, where he has to be carried and had no interest in seeing the animals. This time, he gets to walk around (most of the time insisting not to hold daddy and mummy hands) and spent time observing animals in the enclosure. He can now sit through the showtimes looking at the shows instead of dozing off comfortably in daddy's arms. *OEE* also has a particular interest with the orange trams, and would stop and point at every tram that comes along the way! Thank God for the great weather where the sun is kept hidden behind clouds during the time we are in the zoo. And yes, Kids under 3 is still Free Admission.

Nothing much has changed in the zoo. The new developments are the expansion of Kidsworld where the new facility is currently under construction. Most of their toilets are newly renovated and the route to the zoo from the multi-storey carpark has changed, with the Bird Paradise opening next year. We happened to see wild monkeys in the zoo this time, and visitors are advised to stay away from them, least the monkeys start getting aggressive with the uninvited attention. A great, fun day at the Singapore Zoo with *OEE*!

Like a boss inspecting a peacock running across

Looking at the majestic lion with interest

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