Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Renewal with Senoko Energy (With $60 rebate & Referral Code)

Time flies. 2 years have almost past since I signed up with Senoko Energy after the collapse of Ohm Energy. No trouble so far with this retail company. I decided to stick by it, mainly to take advantage of their current promotion of $60 bill rebate for any 2 years plan (Promo Code: LUV60) and a referral bill rebate at $20. What I like about this company is that even for contract renewal, you can also apply their bill rebate promotion.

Though they have long discontinued their discount off tariff plans, the fixed rate plan they have now essentially provides a 5% discount off SP Tariff rate. Below is the plan they are currently offering for renewal:

Refer a friend to sign up for an electricity plan with Senoko Energy and both of you will earn a $20 bill rebate each to offset your electricity bill. The more successful referrals, the more you earn! Feel free to use my referral code for an additional $20 rebate!

Use your referral code! 

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