Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Bon Voyage Le Le

Thought of bringing *OEE* to River Wonders to have a last look at Le Le before he officially returns back to China for good. So here we are on 24-Oct and Thank God for making the trip happens! Little did we know that *OEE* will be down with mumps, fever and a swelling cheek the very next day! Little has changed in River Wonders....performances are still the same....and we get to see quite a lot of pandas actions! Well, the viewing quarters of the pandas do need a fresh coat of paint as we see lots of areas where the paints are peeling off the walls. Here are the pictures to document the trip.

*OEE* looking at fishes

Once Upon a River Show

Once Upon a River Show

Le Le

Jia Jia

Kai Kai - zzzzz

Le Le again!

Food wise, do not get the Chicken Cutlet Panda Bao Special at the Mama Panda Kitchen. The chicken cutlet is paper thin and hard, not worth the price to pay. You will be better off at ordering the chicken karaage instead! Other than this, all else is fine.

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