Sunday, June 30, 2024

2Q 2024 Investment Strategy Update

When is Fed going to start cutting interest rates for real? I guess that is the questions weighing on many people's mind. Goalpost has shifted compared to 3 months ago. Now, the projection is lowered to just one cut this year, with analysts predicting it will likely happen in Sep 2024. I am currently staying on the sideline, probably continuing what I have been doing these past 6 months: Accumulating US Office Reits, since their price now is at rock bottom and there is little risk they will go Chapter 11 as they have suspended their dividend payment.

DJI ended at 39118, a decrease of 689 points (-1.73%) compared to 1Q 2024. For Singapore, STI ended at 3332, an increase of 108 points (+3.34%) compared to last quarter. Not much movement in the index as it seems everyone is also staying on the sideline like me, waiting for further directions. AI tech stocks did have a boom in the last 2 months, unfortunately, I did not ride the wave.

Anyway, below are my transactions for 2Q 2024: 

Transaction 1: Bought 1 batch Keppel Pacific Oak US Reit shares in June. Continue accumulating at rock bottom price, waiting for Fed to cut their interest rates. Assuming 5 cents dividend a year during normal times, this will be 37% dividend yield based on current price. 

That is all for now. See you all in Q3 2024 update and thank you for reading thus far.

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