Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Seriously, what can go wrong will go wrong. What the FUCK is wrong with today!!
Wakes up early over a solution that is illogical, but the steps is justified from winkepedia. Whatever....
Fully booked for lessons from 9am-5pm, with only an hour break for lunch. Mentally and physically demanding, resulting in leaving my mind in a place anywhere in this world BUT NUS.
FINALLY, SBS 负了我!!!!我现在真想找一个人来开刀!!!!!


Jelmer said...

Ha, 9am to 5pm only leh...

My thursday lesson today:
8am to 10am lect,
10am to 10.45am lunch,
10.45am to 12pm Primavera,
12pm to 2pm SSA lect,
2pm to 3pm Philo tut,
3pm to 6pm Primavera,
6pm to 7.30pm SSA project...

Wat's 9 to 5 compared to my 8 to 7.30pm... And u skipped all lectures today lor!

kr said...

haha, have to copy the lecture notes ma and catch up on sleep..