Sunday, June 10, 2012

Japan Day 7 part 2 - Takabisha

09-May, approximately 1030 - After riding the awesome Fujiyama, it was time to try out the latest addition to the Fuji-Q coaster family - Takabisha! Takabisha opened on 16 July 2011, contains a 121° angle fall (currently a world record), as well as seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a drop of 43 metres. Simply exciting!

Posting with Fujiyama in the background

And here is the Guinness World Record for the steepest roller coaster made from steel. It officially took the world record from Fraispertuis City's Timber Drop S&S El Loco roller coaster, which had gained the record only two weeks earlier. Timber Drop's record was set at 113.1° while Takabisha's drop measures at an angle of 121°. Haha, tough luck huh?

And here is the 121° drop angle point. No kidding, the coaster literally let the riders hang there for 7 seconds to "enjoy" the scenery.. Haha

A full view of Takabisha!

To let you have a feel of riding the Takabisha, here is a video shot of the whole ride that someone took in the front seat. Enjoy!

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