Saturday, August 24, 2013

USA day 11 part 2 - Niagara Falls (Canada) & Fireworks

01 Jul - After visiting the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks, we spent some time walking around the Canada Niagara streets. The lines of beautifully decorated shops attracting tourists almost remind me of similar shops last seen in Los Angeles Hollywood Walk of Fame.
MGM Studios Plaza - Allows you to experience a four dimensional motion theatre rides & movie which features Dino Island II: Escape from Dino Island & Deep Sea

The Great Midway with Ripley's believe it or not in the background

Niagara Sky Wheel - Soaring 175 feet above Niagara Falls for the most spectacular view you will ever experienced.

Even Frankenstein promotes Burger King!

Ripley's believe it or not Museum

Bridal Falls with Horseshoe Falls in the background - Seen from the Canadian side

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls from another angle

Canadian Niagara attraction - View from Portal behind the fall

Journey Behind the Falls

Schematic view of the location of the portal 

Gift Shop - Cute Bears Galore

Horse Carriages

As night falls, it is time for the Canada Day Long Weekend Fireworks!

Having visited both the USA and Canada Niagara attractions, I feel each country has their own strength. USA, on one side offers more exciting close up experience of the fall such as the Cave of the Wind, where you can stand under the fall and feel the might of the Niagara raging down on you. Canada, on the other side, offers a more spectacular view of the Bridal and Horseshoe falls.
By the time the fireworks are finished, it was already past 11pm. We dragged our tired body back over to the USA side, preparing to leave Niagara Falls tomorrow first thing in the morning for Cedar Point.

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