Saturday, September 14, 2013

USA day 17 - Woodbury Premium Outlet

07 Jul - What is the fun of going to New York if you have missed visiting the Woodbury Premium Outlet, where major big brands goods are being sold at discounted prices? The outlet is considered the biggest in the whole of United States, and it literally let you shop till you drop. We started the day early to catch the first bus out to the outlet mall. From then on, its just shopping, shopping and shopping till the shops closed for the night. =)

Waiting for the ticket booth to open to purchase our bus ticket to the mall

The signature Woodbury Premium Outlet customer service center to get your coupons for more savings
We had a fruitful day, with myself clocking in almost $800 worth of apparels. I really amazed myself that I can shop so much! Unfortunately, we missed the last bus and we had to stay at the pickup point for 3 whole hours to wait for the bus company to arrange alternative transport. The occasional drizzles doesn't help either. However, for the goods that I have bought that day, the trip is still considered good! =)

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