Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greece Day 4 - Exploring Athens

06 Jun - Time is our enemy as we left the beautiful Santorini behind. For Athens, we planned about a day to spend in the city while trying to cover as many landmarks as possible. Athens has a great heritage with its recorded history spanning 3400 years - from ancient monuments, to Romans and Byzantine artifacts and finally Ottoman sculptures. Athens by itself houses 2 UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery. As the Daphni is closed to public for restoration, we made visiting the Acropolis our top priority.

the Acropolis of Athens 

Wondering among the ruins 

Open air plaza 

The classical theater 

The Parthenon 

The Erchtheion 

The Propylaea 

A bird's eye view of the city of Athens 

Excavation in progress of ancient city 

After we are done with the Acropolis, we headed to the Temple of Olympian Zeus to take photos of its ruins

Temple of Olympian Zeus 

Panathenaic Stadium

Athens Parliament House 

Though it seems peaceful now, little do we know that it will be at the center of demonstration as Greece falls on the brink of bankruptcy and risk being kicked out of Euro a few weeks later.

Athens flea market

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