Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Turkey Day 1

28 May - Like the past travel experience, in order to make full use of our limited time, we got ourselves on a midnight flight to Turkey, with a 10 hours transit in Dubai. This proved to be the longest transit waiting time in my entire travel experience so far. Luckily, we have the ANZ Travel card, which give us unlimited access to lounges in some of the airport, which was really a blessing. The lounges not only provided us food, it also allowed us to catch some shut eye while we wait for our connecting flight.
 Back to Dubai Airport. Think this is the 3rd time I am here?
Courtesy of Emirates Airline, which give their passenger a free meal if you have more than 4 hours in between transit time.
 After 10+ hours of transit time, we arrived at Turkey
 Beautiful houses made of wood planks
 Colorful Houses

Turkish Delights

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