Monday, July 04, 2016

New Zealand Day 8 - Sky Dive & Puzzling World

11 Jun - We woke up to a bright and sunny morning, which means that our scheduled Sky Dive @ Wanaka is a go ahead! Woo! We arrived at the destination on time and is scheduled to be the first jumper for the day! Feeling excited as this will be my first sky dive in my whole life! The orange propeller plane below will be our companion for the next 20 mins to bring us up 12,000ft (3657m) into the sky! We have a great view of the mountains and lakes of Wanaka from the top.

And off I go!

Floating in the air!

Parachuting down safety after 45s of freefall

Have a last photo shot of Lake Wanaka before leaving the area

Wanaka Station Park

(Photo Credits: YB)

(Photo Credits: YB)

The Legendary Wanaka Tree (Photo Credits: YB)

Slight drizzle started coming in during the late evening. With outdoor activities ruled out due to rain, we decided to visit the Puzzling World

Entrance to the Puzzling World (Photo Credits: YB)

An exhibit where each faces seems to stare at you

A shaft extending to infinity

Lets try some gravity defying moves! =)

We certainly have a fun and exciting day today!

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