Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom

Synopsis: One Summer day, in a sea-side town. One Junior high school is gathered with an excitement before a firework show. Norimichi(Masaki Suda) and Yusuke(Mamoru Miyano), at a pool side, meets Nazuna(Suzu Hirose), an idol of their class, a girl they both secretly have a crush on. The two boys turn out to have a swimming match with Nazuna. Norimichi, although fails the match, finds a mysterious ball in the water. On the other hand, Yusuke, who won the fight, is asked by Nazuna to go out to watch the firework show together. After school, while boys have an argument whether fireworks are round or flat when viewed from sideways, Norimichi is told by Nazuna that she was going to ask out the one who won the swimming match. However, her true purpose was to “elope” with a boy from her remarrying mother. Nazuna, in front of Norimichi’s eyes, resists her mother who pulls her back home. Norimichi, powerlessly, only stares the situation and cannot do anything. “If only I won the match thay day…” Irritated, Norimichi throws the ball he found in the water and then… He finds himself back in the moment of the swimming match. After the day repeated over and over again, what will Nazuna and Norimichi find in the end? And after all, is the firework round or flat when viewed from sideways? When the fireworks sparkle, the love encounters a miracle...[Source: Golden Village]

Truthfully, I get the anime plot where one person keep going back in time to make things right. What I could not get is that the author ends the movie without much of an ending. It just makes us wonder why do we even sit in the theater for 90mins to watch the anime in the first place. Well, at least the film has got some nice songs and music. Personally, I will only recommend you watching this if you are good with film leaving you hanging on a cliff.. with no sight of season 2....

Rate: 5/10

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