Thursday, January 25, 2018

Maldives Data Plan and Tips

Yup, here is the plan available at Velana International Airport which travelers can buy once they go out of the arrival gates. It is recommended to pick Dhiraagu as they are the biggest operator in Maldives and they cover almost all the islands. Even though your resort might have wifi connection, they may be weak or limited at times (like what I had experienced), so I highly recommend to get a data plan to stay connected throughout your stay.

For the available plans, they have 3GB at USD$16 and 15GB at USD$22. The staff will help you to set up your phone, so do not worry. For us, we bought the 3GB plan and used it most of the time for Goggle Map navigation on Male island and play Pokemon Go for our 5 days 4 night stay. When we depart, we still have some unused data.

And Yes! We can confirm that Pokemon Go! is available on Maldives. They have plenty of Pokestops  on Male island and their gyms are easy to fight. 50 coins a day is almost guaranteed!

For local currency exchange, you can do it at the Bank of Maldives counter. Do remember to keep the receipt if you intend to change back the currency before you depart. For the accepted currency, they will accept USD, SGD, and some other major currencies. RMB is not accepted, so to be safe, please arrive here with USD.

Hope the above information helps.

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