Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Maldives Day 4 - Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa

22 Jan - With a night well rested, we started the day with some some sea sport activity called Kayaking since we can try all non-motorized sports activity for free with our Gold package. Arm with sunblock all over our body, we reached the sea sports center, grabbed ourselves a Kayak and into the sea we go! 

A Centara staff helping us to prepare the Kayak

Photo taken off the bottom somewhere in the middle of the sea while Kayaking

Well, *mds* soon says she is tired from the rowing and we decided to head back to shore after about 20 mins out. Haha, she sure don't like the sun! =p When we got back to our villa, we took advantage of the good morning sun and start snapping photos!

Our rented snorkeling equipment (Just for show)

Teddy Bear enjoying the sun and sea

Lunch time at the Italian Restaurant

Taking more photos of scenic spot on the way back to villa

Since the weather is so nice to us (Not raining), we decided to go snorkeling again to make full use of the snorkeling mask we purchased and brought from Singapore. This time, the sea is much clearer compared to the day before and there are more fishes!

Fish swimming around the reefs

Caught this fella resting on our villa steps. It decided to give way to us and went hiding at the side

Artistic shot (Not sure how we did it though)

After snorkeling, we spent some quiet time reading His words before preparing to go for our dinner at the Middle East Restaurant. Little did *mds* know that there is a surprise for her! Well, we expected it to arrive at 8pm, but the staff brought it to our room around 7pm.

Happy belated Anniversary!

Anyway, we left the cake and champagne in the room after taking some photos and proceed for our dinner. In summary, for our Middle Eastern meal, it only looked nice but doesn't taste nice. Well, I guess the chef is not up to the mark....Felt bloated after the meal... since we thought it is not nice to leave so many food untouched... lol

Grilled chicken

Lamb patty

Fruits Platter

Ice cream Sorbet - Strawberry, Lime and Basel

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