Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon

Synopsis: His country torn asunder by civil war, Zhao (Andy Lau), a commoner, heeds the call of duty. From the humblest of roots, he rises through the ranks on wings of courage to command an army charged with liberating the land from an evil warlord. Inspired by action, honour and a dream of unifying his divided nation, Zhao's heroism becomes a legend. But as the years pass and the throne changes hands, the war still rages on. When a newly enthroned king decides peace can only be achieved by defeating the warlords once and for all, Zhao embarks on his final and greatest campaign - a road to adventure that will crown his name in glory for all time. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
An average war movie at the most, as I find that the war fighting scene are still not spectacular enough. In this movie, the director attempts to depict the three kingdom history through a lesser known general: Zhao Yun, played by Andy Lau. Though the history is a bit distorted by the movie, nevertheless, the important events in history are all clearly said out and followed through in the movie. So, even if you are a noob at history, you still will not get lost when watching this movie. A plus point for it. A memorable scene in the movie was how Cao Ying (Maggie Q) and Zhao Zilong (Andy Lau) trade psychological warfare. I shall not say much now, less this review become a spoiler. A good movie to watch to pass time though.
Rate: 3/5

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