Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nodame Cantabile The Movie

Synopsis: Chiaki Shinichi wins a composition contest and becomes an orchestra conductor. Chiaki then goes with Frank to observe the orchestra and is astonished by their poor performance. It seems due to lack of funding the orchestra lost many of its members. Meanwhile, Nodame prepares for a graduation exam at her music school. She is happy that Chiaki has finally become a conductor and becomes even more enthusiastic when Chiaki asks her to play "Bolero" with the orchestra. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
Following the tradition of the manga, Nodamae continues with her hilarious acting and sometimes non-sensible actions (she is a terrible cook). The pieces played by the orchestra in the movie were great, but too bad, the whole movie is split into 2 parts. Couldn't wait till the final version is out, where Nodame going to perform in the concert by not losing to her bf.
Rate: 7/10

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kenwooi said...

oh got movie also? all along i thought it's just the series =)