Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bangkok Day 4

Day 4 morning was spent moving our luggage from our friend's dad condominium to our hotel - Tango Vibrant Living Place, which was located just directly opposite Bayoke Sky Tower 2. On the way, I managed to snap some street photos of Bangkok from the taxi ride.

 The street just outside our hotel - 11 Soi Wattanawong. The tall building in front is Bayoke Sky Tower 2.
 A night shoot of our hotel
 A view of our room toilet
 And the nice room. All these for SGD$50/night

After settling into our hotel, it was time to meet our Thai friend - Pair, whom we met in USA while working in Cedar Point. *mds and I had arranged to meet her at BTS Mo-Chit, and after that, we were going to visit the local weekend market, Chatuchak (the local called it Jatujak or JJ market).

 A taste of Bangkok challenging traffic, where it is common to get stuck inside for 10-15 mins
 Pad Thai again for lunch in Chatuchak Market
 A view of Chatuchak stalls

Chatuchak Market really lives up to its name. Thousands of stalls are jammed pack inside it in Bugis Street style, so it is definitely a paradise for shoppers. The things on sale here are relatively cheap, and it is quite impossible to finish touring (or window-browsing) it in 1 day. As it is an open market, if the weather is accommodating, you will be fine shopping between the shops. But if it is a hot and sunny day, it can quite stuffy there by noon time.

By evening time, *mds and I had enough of Chatuchak, so we decided to shift location and gave a visit to Union Mall, which is located nearby.

I guess it is a culture/tradition of Thailand. For every shopping center that we had visited, there will always be a shrine like the photo above for people to pray to. I guess it is for the safety of the people and the shopping center? *mds and I ended the night bidding farewell to Pair at Union Mall, before we caught a taxi back to our hotel to rest.

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