Monday, November 29, 2010

Bangkok Day 6

Bangkok Day 6: Back to shopping

Having visited Platinum mall, Central World and Union mall, today was the time to conquer MBK. The weather was very nice to us, bright and sunny with not a cloud in sight! The MBK was a mix of normal retail shops seen in the Singapore malls and the small stores in Bugis street. You may find luxury foreign fashion brands such as A&F, Polo Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale and even Old Navy sold here. The clothes look really authentic. I think they might be the rejected goods from the factories, sold at highly discounted prices.

One interesting observation was discovered at their food court. Instead of the hawkers handling real cash, they used coupons instead. Maybe Singapore can adopt this idea to increase the hygiene level of our food industry? =p

MBK Center (Mahboonkrong)
Having done a whole day of shopping, we returned to our hotel dead tired and ate dinner at a seafood stall beside it before retiring for the night. For tomorrow, we will be meeting up with Jang, our last Thai friend whom we have yet to meet.
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