Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bangkok Day 5

Day 5: A reunion of Cedar Point friends.

*mds and I woke up to a bright and sunny morning to meet Eve and her mom, who will be bringing us away from Bangkok to visit a floating market in the next province. The whole journey took around an hour of car ride, and it sort of remind me the days back in the USA, where travelling from one place to another was typically by car, lasting at least half an hour long. The floating market we were visiting was called Damnersaduak, one of the tourist attraction of Thailand. Luckily for us, there was not many tourists buzzing around the place by the time we reached the destination at noon.

We experienced vehicle traffic jams in Bangkok, now it is time for boat jam in the canal

Selling food by the river
Elephant, the icon of Thailand
Captured in time
Shopping by the river, anyone?
Busy Floating Market

The shops in the floating market closed quite early for that day. We were not very sure why, but by 2pm, most of the shops shutters were down. With some more time to kill before dinner, Eve and her mom decided to bring us to an out-of-the-way place to see another side of Bangkok. After navigating through a lot of side roads and small alleys, we arrived at some sort of a floating hut.

The hut was one of the drop off point for the Thailand traditional long tail boat, which were now ferrying tourists up and down the river, visiting shops that were set up along the river bank. Can you imagine beneath this calm water surface, it is actually swarming with fishes? By "swarms", I really mean it. Don't get what I mean? Trying throwing in some fish food and you will understand why.

Shops along the river bank
An old temple relic
Life along the river

After visiting the shops along the river, it was time to meet Ong for dinner. He drove us to a nearby Japanese Restaurant to have our meals and we spent time updating each other since we last left Cedar Point.

Thailand version of desert
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