Sunday, December 02, 2012

Australia Day 3 part 2 - Blue Mountains Three Sisters & Leura Cascades

24 Oct, 1215 - After the chocolate gallery, it is a trip down to the iconic Three Sister of the Blue Mountain. We dropped off at the Echo Point and once again, is greeted with the magnificent valley view of the Blue Mountain.

The Three Sister once again

Valley View

A steep trip down to the Three Sister

After the Three Sister, we decided to visit the Leura Cascades next. We initially thought the cascades is only a short distance away from the bus stop, but we were dead wrong. In the end, I think we walked for about 30 mins before reaching our destination. -.-! 

Natural Scenery

Inviting path for travellers to take a walk in cool weather. Why we don't we have such things in Singapore? 

The Leura Cascades

With 1s exposure

A mini long steep waterfall nearby

Passing by the hotel Y Hyde Park which *mds* and I stayed from 3 years ago. Such fond memories... =)

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