Saturday, December 08, 2012

Australia Day 4 - Hunter Valley

25 Oct, 0640 - Woke up early today to wait for our coach which will be bringing us for a 1 day Hunter Valley tour. The gathering point is just directly opposite the hotel we were staying, which we managed to book at an unimaginable price. Imagine AUD$30 per person per night for a room right in the middle of Sydney, where can you match that? The only point to take note is that their rooms are all non air-con. So I guess it will be all right to stay in it for the Spring, Autumn and Winter period. For Summer..., guess will have to give it a miss.

Our Hotel - Crown hotel Sydney

Our coach from Sydney Boutique Tour

We reached the first boutique wine tasting station (Iron Gate Estate) after travelling for about an hour on the road. The winery has a richly European feel as seen from the architecture of the building.

Red wine tasting

Some brownies to munch on before tasting the sweet desert wine

A mock up fireplace

And a full refreshing view of the wine yard.

The wine cellar

Second boutique wine tasting venue - Mount Pleasant

And we managed to sneak in a visit to the Smelly Cheese shop in the middle of the tour

A row of smelly cheese. When I say "smelly", I really mean it. =p

The third and final boutique wine tasting venue - Ernest Hill

By the time we finished the tour, it was already close to 5.30pm and we began our journey back. On the way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we chanced upon this beautiful sunset.

For our dinner, we decided to visit the recently opened Westfield.

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