Monday, December 31, 2012


Synopsis: Also known as "Armour Of God III: Chinese Zodiac", "Chinese Zodiac" is a Hong Kong action film produced, written, directed by and starring martial arts veteran Jackie Chan. The movie is a sequel to "Armour Of God" and "Armour Of God II: Operation Condor", where Chan stars as a Chinese hero named Asian Hawk, who is not unlike Indiana Jones. This time, he has to bring back the bronze head statues of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, which were sacked by the French and British armies from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
The movie was not as spectacular as what I expect. Most of the movie featured the old Jackie Chan style, running and jumping all over the place doing those seemingly impossible moves. One point that was interesting was the fight while free falling in mid air. That was really something new that he have not done before. Other than that, all is pretty normal and expected of a Jackie Chan movie.
Rate: 6/10

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