Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Defying common logic

They say that if you gamble, 9 out of 10 times, you will lose. But now, I am defying all of the logics. What is the odds of winning a soccer bet 5 times in a row? (first one is a 1 is to $8.00 odds, second one is a 1 is to $6.50, third one is a 1 is to $2.80, forth one is a 1 is to $1.50 and the fifth is a 1 is to $6.00). Thanks Arsenal, for holding Villarreal to a nil-nil draw and Lehmann for saving that 89th minute penalty. Now seeking a sixth win tonight, hope that Barcenola can win. Lol Ah Ze you take probability right? Maybe you can help be calculate what is the chance of me winning the bet five times in a row with the odds provided.


ah ze said...

1/8 x 1/6.5 x 1/2.8 x 1/1.5 x 1/6 lor..

then wat r the odds i'll win fei cui meal?

kr said...

hmm 1/1.5 ??? hahaha