Thursday, April 27, 2006

EG1413 Critical Thinking and Writing

This is so far the WORST paper I have taken. This is so unexpected. I thought no matter how hard it is, I will be able to pick out at least some points to critique about, until I saw this paper. I ask you, what is there to critique when there seems like nothing to critique about?? That is the hard part of the paper. No clear cut points where the author has wrote wrongly. After wacking my brains and finally wrote out 2 points and a introduction, to my horror, there is only 15 minutes left and I have only written about 280 words!! Die la, never finish my conclusion plus referencing. Have to downgrade my expectation for this module liao. Expecting a B- because everyone is complaining about writing rubbish in the paper and hope against hope that my mid term results will at least pull me through this.......

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