Sunday, June 17, 2007

17. Maverick

Maverick, Cedar Point this year opening roller coaster. Riders are treated to a amazing 95 degree angle drop, 10 banked turns at 62/92 degree, two 360 degree corkscrew, a 70 mph launch in a dark tunnel, a 360 degree "heartland roll", so full of thrill, so fun!! Are you ready for the ride?


And now, for the professional video~


s0unD aS|eep said...

omg.. is this the place u work at?? so many roller coasters.. each one just looks more magnificent than the last... i wanna try out every single one of them!!! even the older looking ones seem damn exciting!!!! i think i only ever been on the (imitation) corkscrew in genting....... :S i got hit on the ear and had infection after that.

kr said...

Ohh.. hope you are all right~ Hmm, maybe bext year, you can consider coming to Cedar Point to work to try on their roller coaster with Fabian???? Its really fun!! Esp employees get to try all the coaster free!!!