Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nuffnang Glitterati

Wow~ Nuffnang have upgrade itself again!! In order to show gratitude for our loyalty to Nuffnang, it will be launching the Nuffnang Glitterati, a loyalty programme to reward those bloggers who only have Nuffnang as the advertising agent and carries NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog.
Some of the benefits include:
  1. Earnings to be 20-50% Higher than current blog income.
  2. Minimum SGD 0.25 per click.
  3. Payment 30 Days from End of Month Requested.
  4. Eligible for Advertorial Opportunities.
  5. 70% of seats allocated for Nuffnangers. Guests allowed for Community Events.
  6. 70% of prizes to Exclusive in contests.

There was even once when I commented that they should include our membership status whenever we logged into our account so that we know whether we are in the Glitterati club or not, and bimmy!! I saw my membership status 24 hours later!! Thumbs up for Nuffnang!!

Membership status : Ordinary {non-exclusive} . Glitterati will come into effect starting 13th January 2008.

Well, I still have some issue to clear up first about the eligibility of my blog, let me sent them an email and see what is their response... Nuffnang Roxs! =) I wonder what is the membership status of the rest of Nuffnanggers??


Nik Hafidz is said...

The first criteria is you can only have one asia ad network advertise on ur blog. meaning if u have nuffnang, u cannot have adverlets/nufflets and other asia blog ad network


vanessa said...

I'mma Nuffnang Glitteratier too! :D

kr said...

Hi Nik Hafidz,
So in that case, I should be under the Nuffnang Glitterati club as my other ad network is Google Adsense, which comes from USA.
However under their terms and condition, it reads:
The Loyalty Program is open to exclusive Nuffnang bloggers where exclusive is defined as not having placed on the user’s blog any ad unit from any ad network that originates out of South-East Asia.
See the discrepensy there? Well, I hope they will clear up my enquiry soon as I really hope my blog can make it to the Nuffnang Glitterati club~
Thanks for the comment though~

kr said...

Hi vanessa,
So your membership status is Nuffnang Glitteratier??

Abby said...

Hello! i am a non exclusive member too.. :)

kr said...

hi abby,
I hope we will be in the Nuffnang Glitteratier club~

j-kiml said...

Hi there, non-exclusive member here..

Is it everyone's still being non-exclusive member till they kick off the program?

kr said...

hi j-kiml,
that I do not know since I don't have a large enough sample size. So far, it seems that way since we have 3 non-exclusive members here

j-kiml said...

checked my nuffnang today and I'm in the club dy xD

kr said...

yup, check mine today and I am in it too~