Sunday, March 30, 2008

The treat

Yes, finally I can claim my winning treat from Ze after prolonging for.....3 months? Thanks Ze!! Haha. Time really flies. After this semester, I won't be seeing him in school anymore, as he will be graduating. I really hope we can have more of this meet-ups in the future. =)
. The treat from Ze - Mixed Grill from Hip Diners
Ze's meal - Golden Honey-stung Chicken
Having Catch-ups with Fabian and Ze
After our lunch, we deliberated on what to do until 230pm, since Ze will be going off to have his MJ session. Haha, I hope he managed to win back the money he forked out today~ =p Nevertheless, we settled for some deserts at Far East Plaza.
Guess its time for me to continue my term paper. 1 more week before deadline......

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