Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ting Yuan Fish Head Hotpot / CAC Outing

@ 22 Liang Seah Street
.With a healthy selection of soup base (chicken broth [this tasted like the Maggie chicken favor instant noodle, which is a no go], Sichuan hot & sour soup [in my opinion, it was not bad, with just the correct sour-ness and spicy-ness] and the Mala soup), this shop is recommended by Fabian to us for dinner. For a price of just $21, you get to select from a menu of over 20++ variety of food to go with your soup. I would be recommending their wontoon, meat ball, pig's liver and fishes (which is very big in quantity). For those prawn lovers, you can eat to your fill by ordering as much plates of prawns as possible but too bad for me, I didn't want to peel prawn that day, so I didn't eat it.
For their drinks, it is not included in the packages and are considered additional charges. You can order by a glass which sets you back by around $2/$3, or alternatively you can ordered a jug for $6 which can typically fill around 4 glasses.
Services and ambiance wise, I think that there are still rooms for improvement. There are only 3 people attending to the whole shop (which is not enough) and once orders start coming in, it can become quite chaotic. From my seat, I keep feeling tiny droplets of water falling on my skin throughout my dinner time in the shop, which I highly suspected came from the air-conditioning above my head. For the decoration of the shop, I think I do not need to speak further since there isn't any to talk about in the first place. However, overall, I find it quite an enjoyable experience.
Rate: 6/10
After dinner was spent walking around searching for a good place for dessert. We finally settled in NYDC, catching up with each other and pinching one another in the process to see which one has the nicest feeling to pinch~ lol

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