Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paris 36

Synopsis: In the spring of 1936, Paris is in a state of uncertainty while the rise of the Third Reich in Germany worries many. A leftist union-oriented candidate, Leon Blum, has been voted into power and organised labour is feeling its new power by standing up to the management. While such matters normally seem unimportant to Germain Pigoil, who runs a small vaudeville house in the Faubourg district, the chaos of the city seems to be impacting his life and his work - his wife, Viviane has run off with her lover, she demands custody of their son, Jojo, and unscrupulous local entrepreneur Galapiat threatens to put Germain's theater out of business. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
If you have love watching Moulin Rouge, then you will most probably fall in love with this Paris 36. The movie opens the viewers to the world of the french culture and I am indeed surprised that the French can have such nice songs. Based on the hard times in Paris 1936, the movie has given each individual actors ample time to develop their character on screen, be it with romance, each own beliefs and thoughts, or their desire and determination to bring their theatre back to its glamorous past; these wonderful cast have truly delivered. Wonderful musical, coupled with good direction totally blows me away. A five star recommendation, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the french musical.
Rate: 5/5

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