Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Price to Pay

Everything in this world has a price to pay, and it seems like a cheap deal is really "cheap" for a reason. As my other colleague is not around today to lunch with me, and with me getting sick of all the hawker food around my workplace, I decided to head in and try the much advertised Pizza Hut new pasta additions. After looking around the menu on offer for their $6.90 set lunch, I finally decided on the Chicken Neapolitan as it has the most unique combinations (Spaghetti with roasted chicken and button mushrooms in tangy Neapolitan sauce) as compared with the other three available.
As I comfortably set down to flip my newspaper, my soup of the day (chicken cream soup) and drink were quickly served. In my opinion, the chicken cream soup was just average, tasting like the kind where you can get from the Campbell can soup, with the exception that they add in fresh chicken meat chunks. After quickly finishing the soup, while waiting eagerly for the arrival of my pasta, little did I know that the staffs has something up their sleeves. They have decided to keep me waiting and starving for another 45 horrible minutes, without even bothering to tell me why is my order taking so long!!! This is totally unacceptable, when in fact, the whole restaurant is less than half full at any point in time. Worse of all, customers who were after me got their orders first, and this totally wipe off any impression I had of this Pizza Hut Woodland branch.
Coming to my order of the Chicken Neapolitan, I admit that it does have its unique favour and style. Unlike those conventional tomato paste, the chef has decided to add in a bit of honey to bring in a little sweetness to tingle with your taste buds. The mushroom served are fresh and chewy, while their chicken shreds gives off a strong roasted taste. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the meal and of course the price. But if not for their below-par service, I would have give this a high recommendation. Seriously, keeping me waiting without any explanation for 45 minutes is totally unacceptable!


Kennee said...

what!??? 45 minutes!??? that's crazy long...

kenwooi said...

i waited 1 hour plus for food before too.. lol..