Saturday, January 06, 2007


Sorry people, been attending the chalet at downtown east for the past 3 days, that is why you cannot find me on MSN or see any new entries on my blog. Ok, I am back safe and sound, busy checking out the modules I have bidded this semester and clearing my tons of email. :( The spam mails nowadays are really getting out of hand.....
Basically, the chalet was good, although I have to leave for about a full whole day on the 4th Jan for the Jurong Island Industrial Visit. But well, I am pretty sure I am not missed as you all can self entertained yourselves and I still have my ever enthu Vice around to cover my post. Haha. Thanks for being such a nice programme adviser cum treasurer cum accountant. You are the best!!! Oh, and special thanks for lending me the final few episodes of SLAM DUNK!!!! They rock!!!!!
I find the chalet quite good generally as it can still contain 9 people sleeping comfortably on 4 matresses when the night gets late, although there is some complains of people snoring, and maybe sleep talking? Haha~ The only downside is that the aircon leaks from time to time, but the leakage is bearable, not really serious. The Internet connection at the room was good too, with a fast upload and download speed. Bought some tibits at the NTUC Whitesands to last us for 2 nights before proceeding to the check in. The WEST side people, you all very nice to me lor, keep me waiting at the MRT station for 45 minutes huh.......
For the two days, it was the standard activities. PS2, bridge, dai dee, movies, archade, chinese chess, mah jiong and nuaing. Celebrated Jolin and Sebestian birthday at the chalet. Averii, how come the candles can go off while singing the birthday songs huh?? *lol* Hope you all enjoy the chalet and have fun before the school starts. I hope I am not a bad organiser as this is the first time on the job. Haha, next time, can sabo other people to be the organiser? :P
43 hours of no sleep, which, to me is a new record. NO WONDER I feel Like a walking zombie on the second day. Haha, brain shutting down, slow response, and sometimes being unresponsive. I need to sleep!!!
Jurong Island Industrial Visit was ok. We get to see actually how a distillation plant works. Learn quite a lot of new terms and see quite a lot of pipes and machineries. Lets just hope my future job won't be in this sector. Freaking boring la~
Self high by singing K. You know what? Jolin can dance!!! 0_0 Haha!!!!!!!!!


averii said...

Of course I'm da best... Muwhahahahaa...

But seriously, chalet was enjoyable, even though we didn't really plan any outdoor activities and it practically rained two days straight...

It is the company that matters!!!

Dunch worry, u organised fine... But maybe next time we have a chalet somewhere nowhere near the monsoons season?? I wanna roller blade!!!

45 minutes only mah... West very far away leh...

I have no idea why the candles go off... Try asking the candles instead??

kr said...

yup yup. Its the company that matters. Next time have a chalet nowhere near the monsoon season ar? Hmm that will be in May / June liao. Haha. You can self volunteer to be the organiseer? Hmm your bday also in the holidays right? Haha. book a chalet and we come celebrate for you lor... lol.
45 minutes ONLY ar? ok la~ Haha sometimes I am guilty for coming late an hour one. Lol
How to ask the candles?? They are now probably in some incinerators being burned to ashes already. Haha~

Xiaostar said...

Ya I know SOMEBODY was guilty for coming late one hour before~


Wah liao what May/June~??? 2008 lar maybe...2007 you cannot go & celebrate for her lor~ *lol*

Summergal said...

HahahA~ Of cos lar! Jolin 可不是盖的 k~ HeeheeZ.. *dances around madly* Lolx..

Yeah~ Not bad~!! Great Organiser!! HAhaha!! But i wanna roller blade too!!! Org another roller blade cum cycling outing at ecp or sth leh~ hahhaa...

Ya lor, 2007 cant celeb for WS.. so sad sia~ haha.. Poor WS..

Eh, West side ppl very good le lor.. North side ppl late for more than an hr leh.. ahahha..

Oh, U missed out one more activity.. We had great fun WWFing/blanket-partying/body-slamming too~ Wahahhaha~ =D

kr said...

xiaostar: HahaZ paiseh la~ Next time won't happen liao. I will make sure I leave hse early and make sure the bus conductor come on time one~ Lolz
Ohh ya hor, 2007 cannot hor.. hmm OKok 2008 then. *lol* erm averii, paiseh hor... :P
summergal: Wa... erm, still dancing? o_o *waves madly shouting: help~~!*
rollerblade and cycling ar? Can, YOU organise then can le lor.
Simple right? Haha!!
Bodyslaming.. OF COURSE I remember laz!!
Blanket-partying... ermmm I rather forget that..Hah~
WWFing.....I think you and averii 不相上下... Haha

averii said...

ARG!!! You guys Evil!!!
Fly back to celebrate lar!!!

Hahaha... I like the body slamming part, because it is soooo fun!!!

Next time for chalet, I'm gonna ban Poker Cards!!!

kr said...

averii: heh heh we will remember to help you celebrate your birthday one la. Haha, See we soooooo 有心 right?? Touched? lol Haha~
Cannot banned Poker cards!!!!! Its our entertainment lehz.. hah. Hmm oh ya, I finished the Slam Dunk liao, when can return you? Haha