Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The devil wears Prada

This movie basically talks about this fresh undergrad, Andy, who interviewed and got a job as the second assistance to the head (Miranda) of runway magazine. Not the good kind of boss that will take care of her subordinates, Miranda keeps bombing Andy with a never-ending list of impossible tasks. It is a great pleasure to watch how Andy managed to navigate her way through her demanding boss, who never failed to amuse me with her killer smile and wicked sense of humor. Nevertheless, you can also treat yourself to the huge variety of designer clothes, bags and accessories on screen. I sometimes just wonder, who will pay $1000 just for a bag??
Finally, my first movie after school reopens..... Going by the way, I think my next movie will be somewhere in December? Sigh~ NUS just managed to kill and drown me in projects and tests this semester. Hello....I am in engineering!!! NOT ARTS!!!! Thinking of the 10,000 words projects + powerpoint just demoralized me. Hmm, my group decides to be wicked and decides to imagine almost the whole of San Francisco destroyed by a earthquake, with the collasp of the Golden Gate bridge. Yeah! Now, that will provide us something to write about the first 5000 words......

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