Saturday, September 02, 2006

GEK 1001

He never failed to amuse me! I want to be in his lecture instead of the biochem lab!!!
Transnational Company: Bata
What is its other nick name? Ans: Buy and throw away (I was like -.-''')
Well, it kind of make sense since its product is not really THAT good... Whahaha.
Some interesting facts about Bata. I used to think it was an Indonesian Company. But guess what? It started itself in Czech-republic! And it is not pronounced "Ba-ta", its correct pronunciation is called "Ba-cha"!!!!!
Yeah!! My last month pay is in!! Now, my account is in the green zone again! Haha.
Ill-fated Product names:
Mucos soft drink (Japan)...( thanks)
Pipi orangeade (Yongoslovia)
Pshitt soft drink (France)
Fockink Liqueur

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