Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wise Advice

Do not do any strenuous activity when the sky is hazy or else be prepared to bare the consequences.
  1. Your lip will start feeling dry.
  2. All of a sudden, you are drained of all energy, feeling tired.
  3. Your body will start feeling funny.(ok something is not right.)
  4. You will notice that you cannot feel your heartbeat!! (seriously)
  5. Your eyes will start seeing stars. (This is it! Time out!! I need a rest after only playing 15 minutes of soccer. Must be the haze!! PSI read 89 at 4pm. The other time when I am in the same situation, I fainted right in the middle of parade square in secondary school! No.. The same thing must not happened again.)

But, after resting for a while, I continued playing non-stop for the next 2 hours while the PSI continues to climb up! Yeah~~


PSI as of 9pm : 115


Screw those people burning the forest. Come on, love the environment!! Love the trees!!! :P

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