Sunday, November 26, 2006

MIA calculator

Finally!! I know where my calculator went to!!
Sadly!! It has to stay where it is for another 2 days.
Frankly!! I think it will need blessing when it returns.


averii said...


You are Doomed Man!!!

Faster get MuggerHead to bless it!!!

ah ze said...

construct a chain n chain that calculator to your waist.. if u slp with it every nite.. it wouldnt get lost..

xiangrui said...

chain still need to spend money to buy... u shld just ask him to swallow it, once it is in his stomach it'll never get lost...

kr said...

averii: haha I will do so lor.. Will only see my calculator again after 7pm tml.. Hai~~ I miss my calculator lahz~
ze: ya... now I know I cannot live w/o calculators le.
xr: thanks lor -.-'