Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ministerial Pay Across Asia

FACTBOX-A snapshot of ministerial pay across Asia

Got the link from Panda. People has been complaining about the widening income gap between the rich and the poor, yet our minister has got a pay hike of about 60% lately. Need I say more? Is this justifiable, after comparing with the minister pay of our neighbouring country?


Koffanatic said...

aiya kr, when they wana pay rise, any stupid reasons oso become logical reasons to them one la.

we commoners, will always be subjected to their measures, be it right wrong or whatever.

the reason to increase GST is still not justifiable to me at all loh, but what can we do?

pay rise since economy gd..? then why dun decrease pay when economy not gd? it's super dumb isn't it?

kr said...

ya, I agree with you, we cannot change anything since they are the one who set the rules. That, apparently is a sad part of life, under the rule of a dominent party. Nobody can object to whatever rule they set. But then, they are also the ones who help Singapore to prosper. Kind of dilehma isn't it?
Hah, think I got the spelling wrong, but I kind of lazy to correct it~

Koffanatic said...

yes they help singapore to prosper, no doubt abt tat. but tat doesn't mean they have the foundation to set such rules with such reasons.

some of the MP's reasons are just plain unacceptable. i heard on radio think yesterday or today about one saying how our govt has done well regarding our water issue. with all regards, yes, i agree with wat he says. but shld we always harp on past success and so allow the govt to make certain decisions for us?

no one is saying the govt isn't gd, but certain measures shld be made with more concern and tot for us.