Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The fast and the furious: Tokyo drift

Minus the plot, the whole movie will be superbly good. Cars wise, there is a lot more models than Initial D, and they are all so cool!! I simply wow at the selection shown in the movie!! Another plus point for watching the movie: Marvel at the skills of the stun drivers in drifting techniques! How did they manage to film a car drifting up a spiral ramp in a multi-storey carpark?? That is so ~wow~! High speed chase on Tokyo street will also set you on a high, especially with that drifting scene with a ninety degree left turn with humans as the barriers?
Too bad, drifting is not allow in Singapore, or else..... hmm ok I don't dare to try it, I don't want to wack my 1st car up.
Who is that Japanese cool guy that starts the race between DK and the ang mo at the start of the show? (BTW, DK is not Donkey Kong)


s0unD aS|eep said...

they claim drifting up the spiral ramp is real.. and i don't think it looks fake either!

but the humans one i think it's fake lah.. how can they move so fast??? lol..

ah ze said...

we still dunno the ang mor name

kr said...

yaya, I think that one is computer effect. Haha
Ze that angmo ar? Hmm just call him gaijin lor.... hahah