Friday, August 04, 2006

Last day

People usually says that your last day at work is the best time to pull out all the stuns that you wish to try in the company, or it is the best time to get back at all the people in your most hated lists. Well, I decide to give it a shot.
Stun no 1: Report late for work (actually not that late, only 30 minutes)
Stun no 2: Read newspaper at the sales floor (this kept me occupied until 1530) Haha
Stun no 3: Self declared lunch break with Carol and Desmond (Ate duckrice for an hour)
Stun no 4: This one is by my company.... My sales rep suddenly took a surprise visit on me at 1600. Lucky I am around....Phewzzz. This must be my lucky day . ^_^
Stun no 5: Talk crap and dinner with Guan Ze from 1700 to 2000. (last day liao, who cares?)
Stun no 6: Help rival brand to promote. (my boss is going to kill me when they see this)
Stun no 7: Leave before the official leaving time. (Lol see ya all 4 months later... Bye~~~~)
Conclusion: Totally bo chap, heck care, BUT I still hit the sales target!! Total sales of $956.00. ~LOL~

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