Monday, August 07, 2006

In the house for the sick

Went to visit Justin yesterday at NUH. Somehow, I feel rather bad for not visiting him anytime sooner for the past one week as I am busy working. I heard form some of my friends that his condition got worse after they tried removing the super duper big tube from his lungs. I was praying that nothing serious will happen to him as he has not been replying to my SMS since Thursday.....
But walaaa, by the time I saw him yesterday, he was recovering fast!!
2 weeks ago:
He was breathless.
He got no appetite to eat.
He was speaking in a whisper.
He cannot laugh or else the pain will kill him.
He is in good spirit.
He can talk real loud now.
He is eating in big big mouthful.
He can joke around and laugh with us.
He is not dependent on any whatever box(I don't know what the box is called) beside him.
He hopes to be discharge by today!! BUT I really doubt it, I think most likely will be tomorrow since they are going to remove the super duper big tube in his lungs today. Justin!! Get well soon~~
I was feeling super shag yesterday due to irregular sleeping hours. Only got to sleep at 730am and I have to wake up at 12 noon? After the visit, Ah ze wanted to go Kent Ridge(Don't ever say KR lor, else I will start charging fees for using my initials =p) to *ahem ahem*. By the time we left, it was well pass midnight, in fact it was 1230am in the morning. Lucky still got Bus number 30 to bring me back to bedok, else I will just start killing people off. On my way to the bus-stop, I cannot help but notice what a beautiful night it was. The sky was cloudless, the moon's bright, the sky a deep enchanted blue and the weather was cooling, with fresh air surrounding me. ~Kao~ It has been such a long time since I got the mood to enjoy night scenery? The last one was in Australia three years ago under a starry starry sky in an open field, where the temperature was well below my toleration standard. Hmm. Too bad I don't have any photos to remind me of the sky, I only have my memories...
In the end, by the time I got home, the time reads 2am. By the time I hit the bed, it was 1 hour later. Well done! I think this must be the longest entry I have ever write. So sorry people. ~hehe~

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