Thursday, September 06, 2007

Disney World Epcot

Dated: 6/8/2007
After a good night sleep, we awoke fresh and ready to begin our 2nd day at Disney World. This time, we choose to go to the Epcot theme park.Seeing the longest waiting time displayed for this station, and of course the long queue of people waiting in line, we guessed this must be one of the big hits. Without further hesitation, we joined in the queuing. This brought us to see a test track on how cars are made and tested and we even get to go for a test run at 90mph?
A space Mickey
In one of the attraction, we get to visit a green house and saw for ourselves all the amazing fruits they are growing inside. I wonder what genes have they inserted into the plants as most of their fruits are gigantic in size!
Gigantic Winter Melons
Gigantic Pumpkins
A Mickey Melon growing in the process

The Epcot landmark, which I forgot what it is used for~ *lol*
After spending half a day touring all the attractions, we proceed to the next part of the theme park, which is made like a tiny United Nations, where you can visit different countries with their representing building cultures. Things that are commonly used in the country being represented are being sold in the gift shops as well, but, for the prices wise, they are out of our budget~
Scenic nature of Canada
The castle of England
The romance of France
The Turkish mystery
The shrine of Japan
The American dream
The ruins of Greece
*forgot what this is~* Heh :P

The Chinese Palace
The Vikings might

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