Sunday, September 02, 2007

New York Day 2


Entering the second day of our New York tour, we decide to visit several of the important landscape in the city. Sensing that we might encounter long queues at the later part of the day, we head off to the Empire State building first thing in the morning. Our gut feeling did not let us down this time as we soon found out that people are not only queueing outside the building, but on the inside as well. Haha, as we had already purchased our ticket online, we just "jump queue" and head off straight to the lift, much to the disgust of the poor souls who are still queueing up~ Thanks Pok for buying and booking the tickets for us~!

Doesn't it look like mini toy cars moving on the road?

We spend quite a few hours on top of the Empire State building, busy taking pictures of the skyline of New York and pouring through some of the souvenir shops that are found nearby.
Some interesting facts about Empire State Building
1) Construction completed in 1 Year 45 days, at a rate of 4.5 stories per week. (Are they rushing somewhere?)
2) 4000 men were employed per day
3) 60,000 tons of steel, 10,000,000 bricks, 2.5 million feet of wires, 120 miles pipes, 1860 steps and 73 elevators operating at speed up to 427 meters per minute. (your ears may experience some discomfort due to the rapid change in pressure.)
4) 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone were used. (They are indeed rich!)
5) Initial estimated cost: $50 million. Actual final cost: $41 million.
6) Renovation cost over the past 10 years: $100 million. (Hmm, they might as well tear the building down since it is so hard to maintain it, and it is draining so much resources. :P)

The New York Public Library
After visiting the Empire State Building, we decided to walk along the famous Broadway to experience New York. Pok and YL were soon preoccupied with the Abercrombie & Fitch shop somewhere down the street while my attention was drawn towards this World of Disney shop.
Entering, I saw....

S0 cute~ :) I also want to hug the soft toy~
Tigger & Pooh
However, soon, it was 630pm. We had to rush all the way down to a little street off Broadway to catch the highly acclaimed Les Miserables!! The whole opera was so fantastic!! The acting was perfect, the singing was very nice so much so that I want to look for all the songs featured in it! The $60 that was paid was indeed worth every cents spent~
Do you hear the people sing?

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